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It is still unclear for the extent of the risk and exactly how the cardiovascular risk can deviate between different NSAIDs. Dr. Fonarow did not take part in the study. Other patients need a laminectomy, involving removal of the whole lamina. Most doctors usually do not recommend surgery to deal with back pain due to risks involved. If, however, it's important, they need to ensure that the patient is in a proper enough condition to recover fully. Surgery is often available to people who are healthy and relatively younger, as they are more likely to have complete recovery. Other patients need a laminectomy, involving removal of the entire lamina. Most doctors don't recommend surgery to deal with back pain as a result of risks involved. If, however, it is vital, they need to ensure that the sufferer is in a proper enough condition to recuperate fully. Surgery is often available to people who are healthy and relatively younger, as is also more likely to have complete recovery. One of the first treatment plans used on those being affected by back pain is exercise. It is usually used once the patient has mild to moderate lumbar pain. The exercises used are mainly non-weight exercises which are recommended by physiotherapists. It is important to not put too much pressure on the back in the exercises. Water exercises or swimming usually are especially beneficial. Those who have gone through the various pain management procedures without experiencing relief normally have to go through surgery. There are different surgery done depending on the location from the problem as well as the condition in the patient. Patients with disk problems are often the discectomy procedure, involving removing a portion from the disc nucleus to relive the pressure.</p> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>